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Laptop Batteries August 25, 2006

Posted by kazoomee in Blogroll.

I like that this is happening.  I’m sure it is a financial drain on the company, but I for one am tired of the crappy power supplies and batteries that are found in computers.  The majority of the problems I have to fix come from overheating due to dust which causes some sort of power failure.  The only reasons batteries are recalled is because they overheat and can cause injury, but I wish there was some reason that more manufactures would recall the power supplies in desktops as well.  It is an under-recognized but highly important part of the computer.  (A good power supply is analgous to the vegetables in a diet, a bad power supply is very analgous McDonalds….all the time.)

Once people start to feel it is a “feature” of the computer these problems will be greatly reduced.  As long as no one ever knows what a power supply is, they are free to use the cheapest thing they can find.

Computer giant Apple is recalling 1.8m batteries used in its laptop computers worldwide after overheating complaints.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple recall on laptop batteries

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